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What should I wear?

Spandex or athletic fit clothing works best! The snugger the clothing the better. Loose pants and shorts can get caught in the seat slides and loose tops can get caught on the oar handle. Bright colored clothing is also helpful as it allows the coaches to better see the rowers on the water.

Do I need a Membership?

If you are registering for an introductory course (Row for a Day, Learn to Row, Private Lesson, or Youth Program) you do not need a membership. After your introductory period your annual membership will be prorated from the time you joined and will be renewed at the first of each year. 

Where do I take a Float Test?

You should be able to have a float test monitored by any certified lifeguard. A few local options are Arne Hanne, The YMCA, or WWU. Float tests remain valid for 5 years. 

Do I need Experience?

Nope! Most WRA rowers did not have rowing experience prior to joining the team. 

What is a novice Rower?

Novice is defined as a rower who has less than 12 months of rowing experience. This category of rowers is intended for those entering their first spring season and have not raced in a 2,000 meter sprint race on the water.

Where do we meet for class?

We meet at the Whatcom Rowing Association boathouse located in Bloedel Donovan Park. The WRA boathouse is the brown building closest to Electric Ave. when leaving the parking lot. 

Will I get wet?

Yes, rowing is a water sport. There is often very little splash or spray while rowing. However, you may get wet if it rains during practice or in the unlikely event that your boat will capsize. 

I am short, can I still row?

Yes, you can be any size and still row well! However, if you are interesting we have a special job for you. The coxswain steers the boat and verbally guides the rowers through the workout or race. The coxswain is an essential part of any crew! 

Boathouse Location:

Whatcom Rowing Association

2202 Electric Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98229

Mailing Address: 

Whatcom Rowing Association

PO Box 1163

Bellingham, WA 98227

Have questions? Connect with us via e-mail at info@whatcomrowing.org