History of WRA

The Whatcom Rowing Association is a nonprofit, community-based rowing club that has served Whatcom County since 2011. We are dedicated to offering individuals of all ages the opportunity to learn the sport of rowing in a safe, fun and beautiful environment. We offer a variety of programs for all age groups and experience levels. Whether you have have previous experience or have never touched an oar we have something for you.

“While at Bloedel, I accidentally wandered into the WRA boathouse, that's all it took. I knew I wanted to be a part of everything I was seeing - the elegance of the shells, the allure of the water, the strength, focus, and energy!
- Mel Seu

The History

 It was in December of 2010 that a small group of interested people met at the local Avenue Bread to talk about organizing a community rowing program for Bellingham. In spite of hurdles it was decided to give it a whirl and gather the information needed to turn this idea in to a reality. Everett Rowing Association and Sammamish Rowing Association were very helpful in providing input and insight for us to formulate a plan to proceed. 


The Beginning

Since 2011 WRA has grown from an idea to a very active and successful addition to the sporting activities available to the local community. With the help of many local businesses, individuals, and support groups WRA has managed to build a boathouse, purchase boats, and help hundreds of people experience rowing as a new sporting activity.

The Boathouse

When WRA first started there was very little to see. The Bellingham Parks Department allowed the club to fence in a compound at the east end of the Bloedel Donovan Park to sore the original boats, which had been donated by other rowing clubs throughout Washington. Today, we have  a beautiful boathouse with over 20 shells.

The Boathouse Project

Boathouse Location:

Whatcom Rowing Association

2202 Electric Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98229

Mailing Address: 

Whatcom Rowing Association

PO Box 1163

Bellingham, WA 98227