Double Bubble

“Double Bubble” Rules and Regulations: 

  • Independent Adult Members (if interested) may self-select a double partner that they agree to row with. 
  • Independent Members are only allowed ONE doubles partner at this time.  
  • ALL members regardless of whether or not you are entering into a “Double Bubble” need to sign the  COVID Participation Waiver and Sculling Protocols Agreement.  
  • You will be prompted to enter the name of your 2x’s partner while filling out the agreement form. 
  • You will receive confirmation that your Double Bubble has been approved once both rowers have completed the COVID Participation Waiver and Sculling Protocols Agreement. 
  • It is critical that we have accurate records of when members are in the boathouse. This is already required when rowing without a coach but as a reminder: Whether you are rowing independently in a private boat, club boat, or in 2x you MUST sign in and out on the Sculling Logbook (located on the bulletin board).
  • 2x rowers will need to use the reservation calendar, as with singles there are no “Drop-Ins” allowed at this time. 2x’s should default to red sculling oars as the others are rigged for 1x’s at this time. Coached programming is indicated on the reservation calendar to help with dock/equipment usage. 
  • Please note additional protocols that need to be followed for ALL rowers utilizing the WRA boathouse listed in the agreement below. 

ALL Rowers (parents/guardians) must complete the WRA COVID Participation Waiver and Sculling Protocol Agreement

We are relying on your cooperation and adherence to the protocols listed above and in the agreement to keep everyone at WRA healthy and safe!