Fall 2020

Updated 9/3: Please see below for COVID-19 Boathouse Protocols

Whatcom County remains in Phase 2 and while we would love to be back in team boats your safety is our number one priority. So we will continue to maximize our time in singles. 

We will resume our programming on Tuesday 9/8. Please use the link below to register, there are not specific times listed on the registration page as we will plan to keep the schedule fairly similar to June. We may make a few shifts to better accommodate skills and speed. If you have been in a coached class and need to make a schedule change please let me know so that we can adjust accordingly. 

Masters Programming

  • All programs are coed and will be grouped by speed and skill.
  • Classes will meet twice a week for four weeks on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Alternative workouts/practice plans will be provided when the water is not rowable.
  • All session will be $120

Junior Programming

  • For September we will be adding additional days of training both virtually and on the water. 
  • Groups will run with staggered launch and landing times between 2:00pm and 7:00pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Athletes will have 2-3 sessions per week at the boathouse either on the water or completing land training. The remainder of weekly training will include virtual or independent cross-training sessions. Athletes will be assigned specific training groups and times based on school schedules, skill level, and boat speed.
  • Rowers will NOT be at the boathouse for the entire time block but need to be available during the entire time block for the duration of the month. 
  • After registration and prior to the start of the program, rowers will be assigned an arrival time at the boathouse for their session. Rowers will be at the boathouse for 90-100 minutes and will launch in groups of four-five every 15 minutes. 
  • In order to best serve our rowers, coaches may adjust rower training times based on the skill and speed of athletes as we move through the month. 
  • All sessions will be $200

You can use this link to register for September sculling. If you have a credit on your account from spring 2020 you should be able to apply the credit to these sessions. Please let me know if you have issues or questions. 


Please note the following Phase 1 regulations that must be followed to ensure a smooth and safe transition back onto the water:

1.      Currently only singles shells are available. If you reside in the same household as another member you may use a double.

2.      During this phase staff will not be available to help with lifting and carrying equipment. Please plan accordingly or wait until the next phase when we will be allowed to have small group gatherings.

3.      For the health and safety of everyone at the boathouse reservations for club equipment MUST be made on the WRA Boat ReservationCalendar. This will ensure that all rowers are able to plan appropriately and stagger their start times to avoid congestion at the boathouse.

4.      ALL Rowers (private boats included) must sign-in and out on the sculling logbook located on the bulletin board.

5.      Please respect the general guidelines of hand washing (sanitizing) and social distancing of six feet while in the boathouse and in the park. Make sure to thoroughly sanitize your hands upon entry and exit of the boathouse. Hand sanitizer can be found by both doors for the boathouse.

6.      We ask that all members wear a mask when inside the boathouse and walking through the park.

7.      Equipment must be disinfected before and after use. There are spray bottles with a diluted bleach solution as well as fresh water located in the boathouse for disinfecting and sanitizing equipment. At this time, it is the responsibility of the member using the equipment to ensure that the equipment has been disinfected. Please note that this process will take extra time so you will need to plan accordingly with your time.

·       Please spray the following touch points with diluted bleach solution:

Oar Handles , Oar Locks, Gunwales, Slings, Rolling rack touch points, door handles, etc.

8.      Water access and equipment use is for members only. Guest access is not allowed at this time.

9.      Club owned boat lights and stroke coaches will not be available during this time.

10.   If you are experiences any of the symptoms listed below, we ask that you do not visit the boathouse:

·        Cough

·        Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

·        Fever

·        Chills

·        Repeated shaking with chills

·        Muscle pain

·        Headache

·        Sore throat

·        New loss of taste or smell

*Repeated failure to adhere to the guidelines listed above may result in loss of access. 

A quick look at what to expect next:

Phase 2: Small boat group rows involving fewer than 5 people outside your household and limited coaching support on the water. This phase would include supervised use for juniors.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we continue to work with the ever-changing situation. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.